What is SANBI’s Biodiversity Advisor?

SANBI’s Biodiversity Advisor makes it easy to navigate to the right information and tools among the range of resources provided by SANBI.

Users come to SANBI for assistance with a range of biodiversity-related activities, from environmental impact assessments to species identification and taxonomy. The Biodiversity Advisor shows you the right place to start, and guides you through the process.

The Biodiversity Advisor provides access to training resources and networking related to the management of biodiversity information.


Who looks after the Biodiversity Advisor?

SANBI’s Biodiversity Information Management Directorate is responsible for ensuring the Biodiversity Advisor remains relevant and up to date.


We can be contacted at the Kirstenbosch Research Centre on 021 799 8858 or using our form http://biodiversityadvisor.sanbi.org/contact/


The Biodiversity Information Management team:

Brenda Daly 

Information Systems Manager 

Brenda Daly is the Information Systems Manager at SANBI with 16 years’ experience in information management and digital curation. She leads several projects, including the National Biodiversity Information System (NBIS) to integrated South African biodiversity information. Brenda loves the outdoors (hiking, surfing, kayaking, scuba, fishing), good food and langarm. She is also a huge rugby fan and enjoys a braai. Oh and she gets very excited about Biodiversity Informatics!


Fhatani Ranwashe

Biodiversity Data Management Specialist

Fhatani Ranwashe is the Biodiversity Data Management Specialist with the Biodiversity Information Management and Planning Directorate at SANBI. Majoring in Ecology & Resource Management and Geography including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Fhatani has over six years’ experience working with biodiversity data through management, analysis, processing, remediation and data auditing. Fhatani is a man of few words, so few that he lets data and maps do the talking for him. He is of the notion that an empty vessel makes the loudest noise. In his spare time you will find him hopelessly trying to improve his social skills through various social activities à la football. Enough about him.


Kiara Ricketts

Biodiversity Information Management Intern

Kiara Ricketts is a Biodiversity Information Management intern that joined the team in 2020 through the Joan Wrench Scholarship Internship Programme. She has a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Science from Rhodes University and has a year of experience in data management with the Biodiversity Information Management Team. She is an avid sports fan, rugby, soccer, cricket, you name it! She also has soft spot for animals and nature, so in her spare time you will either find her strolling the mountains or cuddling her cats.


Erin Adams

Biodiversity Information Management Intern

Erin Adams is a Joan Wrench intern in the Biodiversity Information Management department. She began her internship in 2021 after working as a research assistant in the same directorate. Despite being new to the field of Biodiversity Information Management, she is quickly developing a love for it. Erin has recently obtained her MSc from the University of the Western Cape. When not working, she can often be found baking, travelling or exploring nature.