2016 Call for Accelerated Data Mobilisation Grants

Accelerated Data Mobilisation Grants



The Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP),

through SANBI offers additional grants in 2016 for Accelerated Data Mobilisation Projects

that will contribute directly to achieving the targets of the FBIP


Grants of up to R300 000 are available on a competitive basis for support over a one year period.

For more information, please read the Call Document for Accelerated Data Mobilisation Projects.



NOTE: These accelerated data mobilisation grants are additional to the FBIP Research Grants for which a separate call were opened on 7 April 2016.


Outputs that will be funded through this call:

  1. Collection specimen data mobilisation: either (i) basic data capture for collections not yet databased, according to the Darwin core standard, or (ii) upgrading of existing data to meet Darwin core standard and / or georeferencing according to set standards and / or taxonomic verification of specimen identity or (iii) digistization (photographing) of type specimens.
  2. Compilation of species pages: according to the requirements set by the FBIP, for taxa where species pages have not yet been compiled.  Note: We WILL consider proposals covering mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, butterflies and plants if there is a strong motivation which indicates how the proposed work will address gaps in existing projects or resources.
  3. DNA barcoding of species: according to the IBOL and BOLD requirements and to be submitted to BOLD, for species which have no entries or fewer than 5 specimens currently in BOLD.

Funding range

The minimum funding available is R50 000 and the maximum is R300 000 over one year.

Funding eligibility

  • Full-time employees or those on a fixed term contract at any of the following institutions are eligible to apply: South African universities /universities of technology (Public South African Higher Education institutions); Recognised national research institutions such as the national facilities; Museums; Science councils; registered civil society organisations/ societies.
  • Post-doctoral fellows and students are NOT eligible to apply.
  • Funding will not be provided for work that was previously funded or is currently being funded by the FBIP / NRF or by SABIF. You may be able to submit a proposal for continuation of a previously funded project but the deliverables must be different to those previously funded (ie. continuation of data capture for specimens in a collection, or improving completeness or quality for specimen data that was previously captured using SABIF or FBIP funding. Applicants who have previously received funds must be explicit about how the deliverables for the current proposal differ from those of previously funded project/s.
  • Applicants who have previously received FBIP funding must have a sound track record of data submission and reporting. Applicants who have not submitted data from 2013 grants and who have not received permission for the delay in submitting data will not be eligible for receiving further funding until this has been remedied.


NOTE: More than one proposal can be submitted by an applicant / institution. Assessment of the feasibility of the proposals will take into consideration all proposals submitted by an individual applicant in terms of time and resource availability.


Application process


Enquiries can be directed to:

Michelle Hamer, FBIP manager (M.Hamer@sanbi.org.za; 012 843 5017)


Lita Pauw, FBIP co-ordinator (L.Pauw@sanbi.org.za; 012 843 5113)