Grants for Research


Funding grants is the main mechanism for achieving the objectives of the Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP). The grants must result in the release of data to the FBIP / SANBI for archiving, integration, management and dissemination. The National Research Foundation (NRF) administers the project proposal review and programme’s grant allocation processes.

The programme includes a phased approach to funding large, integrated and collaborative projects which align with knowledge needs, or which involve participants along the entire value chain from knowledge generation to application for decision-making. These projects should also include postgraduate students and emerging researchers, and includes the up-skilling of researchers and practitioners who use the data generated.

Smaller grants (and strategic biodiversity surveys when called for) are also available for researchers that will not be able to align their expertise within any of the larger funded projects. These grants can be used for taxonomic research, mobilisation of primary data (specimen records), generation of DNA barcodes, compiling species information or for data management / dissemination innovations.


The FBIP will generate or mobilize the following types of data:

  • Species occurrence (biodiversity surveys, capture of data from specimens in collections),
  • Species identity (DNA barcoding, other identification tools),
  • Population abundance (quantified surveys),
  • Genetic diversity (phylogenetic distance, population genetics),
  • Species attributes, i.e. photos / illustrations, biology, importance to people including cultural significance, functional role in ecosystem, and interactions with other species.


2016 Calls for research proposals (Calls opened 7 April 2016)

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2015 Calls for research proposals (Calls closed)

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