uMngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership

The uMngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership (UEIP) is a partnership that was formally established in November 2013 upon signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by key organisations that are committed to finding ways of integrating ecological infrastructure solutions to support built infrastructure investments in addressing challenges of water security in the uMngeni catchment.  Growing population and economic development in the catchment have led the uMngeni system being unable to meet the demand for delivery of water services in the area. The partnership currently comprises over 20 organisations from national, provincial and local government departments, business and academic institutions as well as civil society. The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), as a co-founder of the UEIP, has been the centre of coordination for the partnership since its inception. The primary focus of the UEIP is to explore the role that ecological infrastructure can play in improving water security in the catchment.

The objectives of the UEIP are as follows:

  • Strategic investment in ecological infrastructure contributing to enhanced water security in the uMngeni catchment
  • Improved governance that is contributing to slowing the rate of degradation of ecological infrastructure
  • Strengthened institutional capacity for the rehabilitation, maintenance and protection of ecological infrastructure
  • An enabling policy environment for investment in the rehabilitation and management of ecological infrastructure in the catchment
  • An improved knowledge base on ecological infrastructure that informs policy and practice
  • Effective collaboration, coordination and co-learning that enables the UEIP to consolidate, grow and demonstrate its value

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Otherwise please contact Dr Pearl Gola (Pr. Sci. Nat.) as follows:
Coordinator: uMngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership
South African National Biodiversity Institute
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