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Araliaceae - Seemannaralia R.Vig.


  • Tree or large shrub
  • Leaves simple, digitately lobed and veined, toothed, petiolate; stipules adnate to petiole
  • Flowers in axillary and terminal panicles of umbels
  • Calyx indistinctly 5-toothed; tube saucer-shaped
  • Petals 5, slightly imbricate
  • Stamens 5; anthers ± as long as filaments, ovate, sagittate
  • Ovary 2-locular; styles thick, somewhat cohering
  • Fruit flattened, elliptic with lateral veins
  • Seeds solitary by abortion, discoid


  • Seemannaralia R.Vig.
    • Viguier: 116 (1906)
    • Burtt & Dickinson: 449 (1975)

Distribution & Notes:

  • Southern Africa: Species 1: Seemannaralia gerrardii (Seem.) R.Vig.; Northern Province and Mpumalanga to KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape border area