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Interactive keys to the identification of seed plants of southern Africa using keys based on plant morphology.
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  • Plants glabrous or, if sparsely pubescent, then hairs uniseriate and absent from tepals
  • Plants, including the tepals, densely pubescent
  • Hairs predominently pluriseriate, varying from biramous to stellate
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  • Stamens 3
  • Stamens 6(2 or 4)
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  • Flowers with tepals free to the base, only occasionally the tepals arising from a short solid neck
  • Ovary held free of leaf sheaths when flowering
  • Fruit dehiscent, thin-walled, beakless
  • Flowers with an elongated solid neck between ovary and tepals
  • Ovary usually hidden in leaf sheaths while flowering
  • Fruit indehiscent, ± beaked
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  • Leaves often pleated
  • Flowers yellow
  • Ovary unilocular
  • Fruit subsucculent to thin-walled
  • Leaves channelled
  • Flowers white
  • Ovary trilocular
  • Fruit thin-walled
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  • Flowers yellow, occasionally white
  • Perigone segments free to base, patent
  • Ovary beakless
  • Flowers red to white
  • Perigone segments inflexed, closing the perigone throat
  • Ovary sometimes beaked