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Print Fact SheetAloe dichotoma (Kokerboom, Quiver tree)



NEMBA Status

Not threatened

CITES Listing

Appendix II

Common names

Kokerboom; Quiver Tree

Geographic location / distribution / province

Northern Cape & Namibia

Distinguishing characteristics

Tree aloe

Each oblong leaf is +-5cm broad at the base and +- 30cm long.

The scientific name 'dichotoma' refers to the forked branches ('dichotomous' means 'forked')

May reach an age of over 80 years and a height of approximately 7 metres.

Similar species

An A. dichotoma with few branches may resemble A. pillansii in general appearance, but is easily distinguished by A. pillansii's much smaller rosettes and erect leaves. May also resemble A. ramosissima - the difference being the absence of a main trunk/stem.

Other species in the same family


Aloe albida (Grass Aloe)

Aloe brevifolia

Aloe ferox (Bitter Aloe, Cape Aloe)

Aloe pillansii (False Quiver Tree)

Aloe plicatilis (Fan Aloe)

Aloe vossii

Flowering months

Flowering time is from June to July.