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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2017

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SANBI hosted the 14th annual Biodiversity Planning Forum in Skukuza, Kruger National Park form 20 – 23 June 2017. The theme for the 2017 Forum focused on biodiversity prioritisation to support spatial planning in other sectors, especially sectors that are central to the rural economy. Sessions focused on biodiversity planning products that identify biodiversity priority areas and how these interface with other key land uses in rural areas. The Forum allowed the biodiversity planning community of practice to explore how our work links or could link with other spatial planning initiatives including planning for protected area buffers, mapping and prioritisation in the agriculture sector, and spatial planning for the wildlife economy. The Forum also included a focus on global work on spatial biodiversity assessment and prioritisation, and an opportunity for participants to engage with the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018.

Over the past decade, South Africa has developed maps of Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBAs) and Ecological Support Areas (ESAs) for all parts of the country. These CBA Maps identify a set of biodiversity priority areas to inform planning, action and decision-making in support of sustainable development. In collaboration with the provincial conservation authorities, SANBI has developed the Technical Guidelines for CBA Maps: Guidelines for developing a map of Critical Biodiversity Areas and Ecological Support Areas using systematic biodiversity planning (Link to NBIS equivalent of planning-and-assessment/technical-guidelines-for-cba-maps/ on Wordpress Biodiversity Advisor) which were launched at the 14th Biodiversity Planning Forum in June 2017. These technical guidelines set out the rationale for CBA Maps, and provide minimum technical requirements as well as recommended good practice for developing these maps, based on the collective experience of the biodiversity planning community in South Africa over more than a decade.

Please click here for the 2017 Biodiversity Planning Forum programme.

Opening and Welcome
Kristal Maze Welcome, introduction and purpose of the Forum 3.6 MB
Wadzi Mandivenyi Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implications for South Africa 1.8 MB
William Bond Grasslands in trouble N/A
Danie Pienaar An introduction to the Kruger National Park and its management 10.0 MB
From theory to practice: a review of biodiversity planning globally and nationally
Sam Lloyd A global review of conservation prioritisation 0.3 MB
Fahiema Daniels Review of biodiversity planning in South Africa: past to present 3.7 MB
Amanda Driver Technical Guidelines for Maps of Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBA Maps) 4.4 MB
New global standards: Red List for Ecosystems and Key Biodiversity Areas
Andrew Skowno New global standards for biodiversity 1.3 MB
Maphale Matlala Testing the IUCN Red List for Ecosystems methodology on South African datasets 1.0 MB
Daniel Marnewick Key Biodiversity Areas and links to biodiversity planning 3.8 MB
Domitilla Raimondo South Africa's data for identifying Key Biodiversity Areas 5.8 MB
Spatial planning and agriculture
Anneliza Collett Land capability and the Preservation of Agricultural Land Bill 2.5 MB
Anneliza Collett Demarcation of protected agricultural areas 2.0 MB
Paul Avenant Long-term grazing capacity norms for South Africa: data, mapping and application 2.0 MB
Boyd Escott Identifying agri-biodiversity zones for mainstreaming into land use schemes: progress and challenges from the KwaZulu-Natal experience 1.5 MB
Mike Wallace CapeFarmMapper: a free-access, integrated spatial web portal for rural planning 4.5 MB
Francis Steyn Scaling up climate smart agriculture from the pilot project of 80 000 ha to 500 000 ha, doing it the LandCare way 2.8 MB
Spatial aspects of the wildlife economy
Xola Mkete Overview of the fifteen initiatives from the Biodiversity Economy Lab 2.8 MB
Fahiema Daniels A framework for identifying and developing spatial biodiversity economy nodes 1.3 MB
Philip Desmet Proposed categorisation framework for the wildlife ranching sector in South Africa and spatial analysis of its impact 3.4 MB
Matthew Child Where are the wild things? A foundational framework for measuring the conservation value of managed populations 3.8 MB
Current developments in provincial biodiversity planning
Greer Hawley-McMaster Reviewing a systematic biodiversity conservation plan: Eastern Cape 3.4 MB
Philip Desmet Making CBA Maps: considering previous biodiversity plans in CBA Maps 2.4 MB
Genevieve Pence The 2017 Western Cape Biodiversity Spatial Plan and Implementation Strategy 3.6 MB
Anisha Dayaram Feedback loops between VEGMAP and provincial and fine-scale biodiversity plans 3.8 MB
Sediga Khatieb BGIS, working with users and data partners to deliver an improved service 1.6 MB
Chuma Chinzila Learning from the 12 years of conservation planning in South Africa 0.5 MB
Update on the National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) 2018 and National Monitoring Framework
Carol Poole Key achievements and progress towards National Biodiversity Assessment 1.8 MB
Lara van Niekerk National Biodiversity Assessment 2018: Estuaries component 1.9 MB
Andrew Skowno Indicators of change and changing indicators: the National Biodiversity Monitoring Framework 2.2 MB
Lize von Staden Progress on developing a method to evaluate protection level for species 2.0 MB
Sarisha Daya The effectiveness of bioregional planning as a tool in protecting threatened species in South Africa 3.0 MB
Siyasanga Miza Marine alien species research: inputs towards the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 1.8 MB
Mapping, assessment and prioritisation of ecological infrastructure
Amanda Driver An initial framework for mapping and prioritising ecological infrastructure 1.5 MB
Stephen Holness Towards a national ecological infrastructure map: What can we do in the National Biodiversity Assessment? 3.7 MB
David Le Maitre Strategic Water Source Areas: protecting critical ecological infrastructure for human well-being and biodiversity 2.9 MB
Genevieve Pence State of Water Capture Report: a preliminary investigation 2.5 MB
Kedibone Lamula Prioritisation for the Land User Incentive programme 2.0 MB
Perushan Rajah Ecosystem services mapping in the uMngeni catchment 1.0 MB
Ruan Veldtman Mopane worm harvesting in Limpopo Province and underlying ecological infrastructure 3.0 MB
Spatial planning for protected areas
Falko Buschke The conservation costs and economic benefits of using biodiversity offsets to meet protected area targets in South African grasslands 3.4 MB
Enrico Oosthuysen Northern Cape Protected Area Area Expansion Strategy 3.5 MB
Janis Smith Managing beyond protected area boundaries 1.3 MB
Jayshree Govender Spatial planning in protected areas and their buffers 4.0 MB
Marisa Coetzee and Judith Botha Kruger National Park Management Plan review: lessons learnt, and informing the strategic and operational priorities for the next ten years 2.3 MB
Mainstreaming biodiversity in environmental management and land use planning
Peter Lukey Spatial systems used to improve environmental screening 1.6 MB
Jeffrey Manuel Biodiversity component of the Environmental Impact Assessment screening tool 3.2 MB
Doitlla Raimondo Including species data in a land use screening tool 3.0 MB
Hulisani Magada How Spatial Development Frameworks Incorporate biodiversity priorities 2.0 MB
Kensani Mangena Environmental classes for the National Land Use Classification System 0.3 MB
Johan Bester Defining 'Forestry' as a principal category of the proposed National Land Use Classification System for South Africa 3.0 MB
Biodiversity information, assessment and planning in South Africa
Kiruben Naicker The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): opportunities and impact for South Africa 1.6 MB
Bastian Bertzky How European Union Information systems can support biodiversity planning in Africa 2.5 MB
Matthew Child The African Biodiversity Challenge: an incentive-driven approach to mobilising biodiversity data 4.0 MB
Lawrence Kruger OTS: Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative 2.8 MB