Biodiversity Advisor

What is SANBI’s Biodiversity Advisor?

Users come to SANBI for assistance with a range of biodiversity-related activities, from environmental impact assessments to species identification and taxonomy. The Biodiversity Advisor shows you the right place to start, and guides you through the process, making it easier to navigate to the right information and tools among the range of resources provided by SANBI.

While SANBI’s corporate website provides an overview of the current research projects, South Africa’s national botanical gardens, community initiatives, opportunities and the current events taking place, the Biodiversity Advisor provides access to training resources and networking related to the management of biodiversity information. 

The Biodiversity Advisor provides a platform allowing access to data aggregated from various sources, scientifically sound biodiversity data, informed environmental decision-making, and useful linkages to other sources of biodiversity data. This is in line with the main aim of the Biodiversity Advisor, which is to adequately equip stakeholders with easy access to all of the necessary tools in order to make well-informed decisions regarding South Africa’s biodiversity.

To learn more about Biodiversity Advisor watch the short video presentation below.