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2017 BIMF-FBIP Presentations

The 14th annual Biodiversity Information Management Forum , hosted by SANBI, was held from the 13th to the 17th August at the Salt Rock Hotel and Beach Resort in KwaZulu-Natal. This year’s event was again exceedingly well attended, boasting over 200 participants. Some of the main thematic areas of this year’s Forum included:

  • Integration of biodiversity planning into the SIPs
  • Protected area expansion
  • Ecosystem classification and mapping
  • Assessing and mapping ecological condition
  • National Land Cover 2013/14
  • Implementing biodiversity plans

Please click here for the 2017 joint Biodiversity Information Management and Foundational Biodiversity Information Forum programme and click on links below to access the presentations.

Opening and welcome
Vince Smith Specimens to pixels to actions: creating, managing and exploiting digital collections 8.1 MB
Data Science Policy Interface: Understanding the national agendas in support of sustainable development
Selwyn Willoughby The Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data - Bridging the data to policy chasm 2.3 MB
Wadzi Mandivenyi Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implications for South Africa 1.1 MB
Gwynneth Matcher Mining Microbial Diversity 2.6 MB
Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) and lessons learnt from large FBIP integrated projects
Michelle Hamer FBIP funding approach and themes 1.7 MB
Lita Pauw Key elements for successful proposals and analyses of funded projects 1.4 MB
Wayne Florence SeaKeys: Lessons from the first large FBIP project 1.4 MB
Theresa Sethusa Biogaps: Overview of the projects: challenges and lessons learnt 2.5 MB
The Natural Science Collection Facility
Michelle Hamer NSCF Presentation FBIP Forum 2017 1.3 MB
Boyd Escott Update on the digitising of the Killick Herbarium: feedback on the vision, progress and challenges 0.5 MB
Adriana Jacobs-Venter The National Collections of Fungi: The portal for phytopathogenic fungi from South Africa 1.1 MB
Use, application and impact of biodiversity data: Challenges and opportunities
Fatima Parker-Allie Biodiversity informatics: Meeting sustainable development challenges for fisheries in the face of climate change in southern Africa 3.0 MB
Ahmed Idris Hassen Towards expanding the South African Rhizobium Culture Collection (SARCC) as a genetic resource and its application in sustainable agriculture 3.4 MB
Forunate Phaka Bridging the gap: Making amphibian biodiversity data relatable in South Africa 1.5 MB
Assessments, monitoring frameworks and indicator development
Anicia Maoela The intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: The importance and relevance of data in the Africa Regional Assessment 4.2 MB
Jeff Manuel Data needs for high-level biodiversity indicators: Is there a gap? 5.4 MB
Les Powrie A quarter of a century of taking databases from paper to cloud 0.6 MB
Heather Terrapon South Africa's first national status report on biological invasions 3.5 MB
Data sharing between SANBI and partners and information systems and architecture
Lita Pauw FBIP data sharing 0.8 MB
Fatima Parker-Allie SANBI's data sharing agreement - key principles 1.2 MB
Brenda Daly Update on the National Biodiversity Information System (NBIS) 2.5 MB
Advances in data science and information management: Data analytics, big data, data mining and data visualization
Vince Smith Power to the people: Citizen science setting collections data free 4.6 MB
Les Powrie Virtual safaris mobilising biodiversity information in African countries 5.1 MB
Morné du Plessis Toward next generation biodiversity research 1.3 MB
Kim Labuschagne The NZG Biobank information and information systems: Analysis and improvement 3.9 MB
Ian Engelbrecht Turning the Animal Demography Unit databases inside out with modern application architectures 2.0 MB
Willem Coetzer A system to automatically generate annotated checklists 0.6 MB
John Irish The Namibia Biodiversity Database - content, capabilities and current status 1.2 MB
Building the Biodiversity Informatics (BDI) Africa agenda: supporting the mobilisation of biodiversity information in African countries
Fatima Parker-Allie The SANBI Regional Engagement Strategy 1.5 MB
Matthew Child The African Biodiversity Challenge: An incentive-driven approach to mobilizing biodiversity data 3.7 MB
Kenneth Uiseb Wildlife biodiversity for sustainable socio-economic development 5.1 MB
Benny Bytebier An online resource for the flora of the western Indian Ocean region 1.7 MB
Don Cowan Microbes are biodiversity too: the African Soil Microbiology project 0.9 MB