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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2013

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The Golden Gate Highlands National Park was abuzz in May 2013, as representatives from across the country made their way to the annual National Biodiversity Planning Forum. This year the Forum celebrated its 10th year, since its inception in 2004. The Biodiversity Planning Forum was established to provide an opportunity for individuals, agencies and departments involved in spatial biodiversity planning to share and synthesize valuable lessons from biodiversity planning projects across South Africa. The core focus of the Forum is on systematic biodiversity planning, with a key theme being planning for implementation. Much of the biodiversity planning done in South Africa underpins strategic interventions and supports improved environmental decision-making.

For more information on the background of the National Biodiversity Planning Forum, Forum objectives and key themes discussed at the 2013 Forum please click here

2013 Biodiversity Planning Forum presentations:

Kristal Maze Introduction and Forum objectives 0.2 MB
Dee Fischer Streamlining environmental planning in Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) 2.9 MB
Kristal Maze Ecological Infrastructure: An opportunity for influencing national planning and policy 2.3 MB
Selwyn Willoughby Biodiversity Information Management: Sharing some insights on the use of our Biodiversity Data 1.2 MB
Fahiema Daniels The Evolution of Biodiversity Planning in South Africa (Part 1) 3.4 MB
Fahiema Daniels The Evolution of Biodiversity Planning in South Africa (Part 2) 3.6 MB
Tammy Smith Ten years of the National Biodiversity Forum 1.4 MB
Ecological infrastructure and ecosystem services: concepts and maps
Mandy Driver Ecological infrastructure and ecosystem services concepts 0.3 MB
Stephen Holness Mapping ecological infrastructure for the greater uMngeni Catchemnt 2.5 MB
Jannis Smith Mapping Water Ecosystem Services: from provisioning to regulating N/A
Joe Phadima Economic contribution of ecosystem services in KwaZulu-Natal 2.0 MB
Tracey Cummings Principles for investing in ecological infrastructure 0.2 MB
Mark Botha Thoughts on prioritising natural resource management investments on private land 2.4 MB
Anthony Rebelo Setting restoration priorities for the Cape Floristic Region, using Cape Town as an example 2.9 MB
Forestry and Biodiversity: Tools for conservation gains
Izak van der Merwe Planning for the protection of grasslands on State Forest land in Mpumalanga N/A
Steven Germishuizen Integrated conservation planning in a timber plantation landscape in South Africa N/A
National Biodiversity Planning initiatives and processes: foundations and applications
Mandy Driver Introducing the National Ecosystem Classification System 4.7 MB
Heather Terrapon National biodiversity monitoring: what progress have we made? 1.1 MB
Tsamaelo Malebu Fruit salad for everyone: Municipal Biodiversity Summaries project 1.7 MB
Alta De Vos Towards a map of South Africa's private protected areas 1.4 MB
Lize von Staden Planning for improved threatened species conservation 1.0 MB
Linda Harris Ecosystem-based spatial conservation planning: a novel approach to Sandy Beach conservation and management 3.3 MB
Provincial Biodiversity Planning: Latest Development
Mandy Driver Bioregional planning technical guidelines: Key outcomes 0.2 MB
Sediqa Khatieb Guidelines for submitting spatial data to the BGIS website 2.1 MB
Nacelle Collins Report back on progress of the Free State Provincial Biodiversity Assessment 0.8 MB
Ray Schaller Feedback from the North West for the year 2012 0.8 MB
Philip Desmet Update on the Limpopo Conservation Plan 1.4 MB
Mervyn Lötter The Mpumalanga Biodiversity Sector Plan 2013 1.1 MB
Boyd Escott An initial attempt of edgematching and integrating provincial Biodiversity Plans - first steps towards a National Biodiversity Plan 1.0 MB
Implementing biodiversity plans: case studies, lessons and challenges
Leo Quayle Biodiversity and ecosystem service priority area mapping: assisting municipalities to identify and conserve important untransformed land areas 1.0 MB
Julia Wood Challenges and opportunities to implementing Cape Town's biodiversity sector plan 3.2 MB
Dinesree Thambu An evaluation of the consequences of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) on KwaZulu-Natal's biodiversity targets 3.0 MB
Alana Duffel-Canham Formal adoption of the CBA maps for the Western Cape: is it necessary? 0.9 MB
Boyd Escott Landscape characterization a means of incorporating sense of place into traditional spatial planning tools 2.0 MB
Ecosystem classification and tools for implementation
Jeffrey Manuel Classifying and describing ecosystems: science-implementation issues encountered in the grasslands ecosystem guidelines 1.4 MB
Charl de Villiers Ecosystem guidelines as a vehicle for biodiversity mainstreaming: from the Fynbos to the Grasslands 0.6 MB
Ian Bredin A method for determining appropriate buffer zones for wetlands, rivers, and estuaries 0.9 MB
John Dini Water resource classification as a mechanism for incorporating Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas (FEPAs) into water resource management 0.9 MB
Developing metrics for biodiversity offsets
Jeff Manuel Biodiversity Metric Calculators: Not net loss vs formulaic ratios 1.1 MB
Stephen Holness A detailed, field-based assessment: the wetlands methodology 0.8 MB
Mark Botha Offset metric calculator proposal 0.4 MB
Open presentation session: submitted abstracts
Anthony Rebelo A context for environmental surveys 1.2 MB
Julian Kiepiel Planning a World Heritage Site Buffer-zone": A 40 year contribution 2.3 MB
Biodiversity Basics
Jeff Manuel Biodiversity Planning Basics (Part 1) 1.3 MB
Jeff Manuel Biodiversity Planning Basics (Part 2) 5.2 MB
Jeff Manuel Biodiversity Planning Basics (Part 3) 3.2 MB