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2016 BIMF-FBIP Presentations

A joint Biodiversity Information Management and Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) forum was held from 10th – 13th May 2016 in Cape Town. Click on the title of the presentation for a pdf version of the slides:

Keynote addresses
Luthando Dziba Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) 2.3 MB
Bob Scholes The Evolution of the Global Biodiversity Information landscape for improved data fitness and access 0.5 MB
National Agendas in Support of a Data-Science-Policy Interface
Kiruben Naicker DEA's scientific and evidence needs for policy making 5.9 MB
John Donaldson Biodiversity economy and anticipated data needs 1.1 MB
Jeff Manuel How foundational biodiversity information feeds into Environmental Assessment 2.7 MB
Andrew Skowno National Biodiversity Assessment and data needs
Regional Agenda
Fatima Parker-Allie Highlights of the GBIF-Africa network and outcomes of the Africa Rising Conference and the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) initiative 3.7 MB
Benis Egoh Biodiversity and ecosystem services data to support global initiatives: experience from IPBES Southern African Region 3.4 MB
Biodiversity Information Networks and Platforms
Fatima Parker-Allie The Global Biodiversity Information Facility and SANBI-GBIF 3.2 MB
Michelle van der Bank International Barcode of Life Project 2.8 MB
Anne-Lise Fourie Biodiversity Heritage Library 2.1 MB
Growing the Network of Partners
Tony Rebelo Citizen Science - iSpot and the data value chain N/A
Dave Edge and Silvia Mecenero LepSoc's contribution to Foundational Biodiversity Information 0.9 MB
Ismail Ebrahim CREW as a citizen science programme to provide foundational biodiversity data for plants 4.0 MB
Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP)
Michelle Hamer FBIP funding approach and themes 1.1 MB
Lita Pauw What are the key elements for successful proposals? 3.9 MB
Christina Currie Mobilising foundational information on medicinal/ethno-botanical collections in the Bews Herbarium 0.7 MB
Michael Cherry The effect of habitat fragmentation on faunal diversity of Eastern Cape forests 1.5 MB
Sophie von der Heyden A brief snapshot of some marine FBI projects 1.3 MB
Data Management
Brenda Daly Data standards, data sharing requirements, dating sharing agreements, workflows for contributing to biodiversity information systems and platforms - what are these and why do we need them? 2.3 MB
Data Management and Publishing (break away groups)
Fhatani Ranwashe Integrated Publishing Toolkit: Processes and Tools - Biodiversity Data Publishing: Overview 1.6 MB
Willem Coetzer Integrated Publishing Toolkit: Processes and Tools - Implementation of an IPT server for SAIAB to publish biodiversity data directly to the GBIF network 0.7 MB
Wim Hugo Environmental Metadata Project 1.7 MB
Michelle Hamer Biodiversity surveys: specimen and observation data 0.2 MB
Carol Poole Karoo BioGaps Project Overview 1.4 MB
Francis Strobbe and Mutsinda Ramavhunga Controlled Vocabulary 3.8 MB
Capacity Enforcement
Fatima Parker-Allie Developing Human Capital in Biodiversity Informatics 0.2 MB
Fatima Parker-Allie Towards a Curriculum for BI Global Mapping Survey 1.0 MB
Fatima Parker-Allie Strategy for Developing a Centre for Biodiversity Information Management/Biodiversity Informatics 0.9 MB
Human Capital Development in Biodiversity Information Management
Botha Kruger A SADC regional response to the SDG's Climate Change and southern Africa 2.1 MB
BRAHMS (Plant Data Management System)
Denis Filer BRAHMS v8: An update on development 4.0 MB
Capacity Enhancement: Training Workshops
Rukaya Johaadien Introduction to using Specify: Databases N/A
Rukaya Johaadien Introduction to using Specify: Specify 6 vs Specify 7 N/A
Hannelie Snyman, Alpheus Mothapo and Michelle Smith Data quality control and improvement methods 1.7 MB
Fhatani Ranwashe Geo-referencing methods - Geo-referencing Tools 4.5 MB
Albe Bosman Geo-referencing methods N/A
Burgert Muller Geo-referencing methods - Introduction to Geo-referencing 2.3 MB
Burgert Muller Geo-referencing methods - Online Geo-referencing Resources 3.9 MB
Sherwyn Mack Geo-referencing methods - Geographical Concepts 3.2 MB
Michelle van der Bank and Ronny Kabongo Submitting data to BOLD 8.5 MB
Zoe Woodgate Camera trap data: Managing and archiving these 5.8 MB
Leigh Richards Postgraduate Forum N/A
Michelle Hamer Specify Working Group 0.2 MB