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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2018

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SANBI hosted the 15th annual Biodiversity Planning Forum at Cape St Francis Resort, Eastern Cape from the 19 - 22 June 2018. There was a key focus on the National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) 2018. This was introduced by a panel discussion highlighting the achievements on the journey to the NBA 2018 (which will be published in 2019). A number of the sessions at the Forum dealt with the technical aspects of the NBA across the different realms including terrestrial, inland aquatic, estuarine, marine and coastal.

The sessions on systematic biodiversity assessment and planning in Africa focused on the increasing collaboration across the continent to ensure that mobilised biodiversity data is useful for policy and decision-making, especially through the application of spatial biodiversity planning processes. The Forum also provided an opportunity to look at how biodiversity is integrated into land-use planning and environmental management. There was a focused session on the biodiversity protocols that have been developed to inform assessments required by the EIA Screening Tool, an online map-based platform developed by the Department of Environmental Affairs which enables users to generate a screening report as part of the environmental authorisation process.

Please click here for the 2018 Biodiversity Planning Forum programme.

Welcome and opening
Jeff Manuel Introduction and purpose of the Forum 2.2 MB
Kiruben Naicker Opening address on IPBES highlights 2.8 MB
Carmel Mbizyo IPBES Africa assessment 0.5 MB
Ricahrd Cowling Heritage tourism and biodiversity planning on the Cape south coast 5.9 MB
Greer Hawley The Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan 2018 0.7 MB
National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 taking shape
Andrew Skowno National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) 2018 taking shape 26.0 MB
Coastal and marine biodiversity assessment and planning
Linda Harris Advancing coastal cross-realm integration for planning and assessment 7.8 MB
Marthán Theart Legal and policy framework for marine spatial planning 0.6 MB
Genevieve Pence Lessons from provincial biodiversity planning 4.0 MB
Kerry Sink Towards a national Marine Spatial Biodiversity Plan 4.0 MB
Robyn Adams Marine ecosystem classification and mapping at the Prince Edward Islands 2.9 MB
Loyiso Dunga Mapping and assessing ecosystem condition of South African kelp forests 3.6 MB
Zoleka Filander First impressions of the benthic biodiversity patterns of the Cape Canyon and its surroundings 2.6 MB
Mari-Lise Franken The identification of potential Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems 12.0 MB
Stephen Kirkman Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in South Africa 2.1 MB
Myriam Perschke Coastal ecological infrastructure in South Africa 3.5 MB
Sizakele Sibanda An approach to maximising benefits 2.1 MB
Lara van Niekerk Estuary pressures, condition, ecosystem threat status and protection levels 1.7 MB
Stephen Holness Moving from spatial assessment and prioritisation results to ocean use guidelines 3.0 MB
Linda Harris The value of integrated coastal planning 8.8 MB
EIA Screening Tool and protocols
Marlanie Moodley EIA Screening Tool: Here to change your mind-set N/A
Abigail Bahindwa Eliciting inputs from the biodiversity sector on the draft biodiversity protocols developed for the EIA Screening Tool 1.0 MB
Lize von Staden Including species data in the EIA Screening Tool 1.5 MB
Integrating biodiversity into environmental management
Fahiema Daniels Mapping environmental sensitivities to inform the Phased Gas Pipeline SEA 3.0 MB
Norma Malatji Second phase of the SEA for the identification of Renewable Energy Development Zones 2.7 MB
Alana Duffell-Canham Biodiversity offsets: changing attitudes in a changing landscape 2.5 MB
Izak van der Merwe The protection of trees and forests affected by land use change 9.3 MB
Brent Corcoran Applying systematic conservation plans and ecological science in the scale conservation management in a timber landscape 3.0 MB
Rhett Smart Managing environmental impacts for interventions to alleviate a state of disaster - case study of the Table Mountain Group aquifer 3.0 MB
Piet-Louis Grundling Restoration of wetland ecological infrastructure 6.5 MB
Terrestrial ecosystem mapping and assessment
Anisha Dayaram The integration of the South African vegetation map with adjacent environments: changes and lessons learned 15.9 MB
Adriaan Grobler A STEP in the right direction: Updating the Thicket Biome for the National Vegetation Map 2017 31.5 MB
Alastair Potts A lost biome: A tale of the South African coastal flora 4.8 MB
Maphale Matlala IUCN Red List of Ecosystems 3.0 MB
Biodiversity and land-use planning and management
Sagwata Manyike Integrating biodiversity into the Spatial Planning and Land-Use Management Act (SPLUMA) processes 3.3 MB
Sagwata Manyike/td> Minimum environmental requirements for SDFs (combined with presentation above) N/A
Boyd Escott Conserving landscape character: Implications for the environmental sector 2.8 MB
Wehncke van der Merwe The Kruger National Park Buffer zone: Planning from the outside in 3.8 MB
Chanel Rampartab A cloud database as a management tool for land under conservation 1.7 MB
Boyd Escott Environmental management in the context of spatial equity 1.9 MB
Advances in species assessment
Domitilla Raimondo Quantifying species protection levels: a new indicator for the NBA 4.0 MB
Matthew Child Making the mammal protection level indicator meaningful for planning and policy 7.0 MB
Neil Daniels Gap analysis of the IBAs and national protected area networks using Marxan analysis of threatened freshwater wetland birds 2.7 MB
Megan van der Bank Progress on marine species IUCN Red List assessments 3.6 MB
Leslie Powrie SAFARIS and BioGaps: Joining early explorers to help with assessment and planning on the present 7.0 MB
Mahlatse Kgatla The potential for the FBIP to support biodiversity planning and conservation 2.3 MB
Inland aquatic component of the NBA 2018
Heidi van Deventer The inland aquatic component of the NBA N/A
Lindie Smith-Adao River ecosystems N/A
Dewidine van der Colff Status, protection level and Red List index of freshwater fish of South Africa 5.0 MB
Erwin Sieben The contribution of wetlands to regional plant diversity in South Africa 2.8 MB
Systematic biodiversity planning and planning in Africa
Matthew Child Advancing the data-science-policy value chain through SANBI's regional engagement strategy 6.1 MB
Daniel Marnewick Key Biodiversity Areas in Africa 3.4 MB
Simeon Bezeng Bezeng Biodiversity Assessment for Spatial Prioritisation in Africa 2.2 MB
Lucy Bastin How European Union information systems can support biodiversity planning in Africa 6.2 MB
Emily Bennitt About the Okavango Research Institute N/A
Dikeme Kgaodi Biodiversity assessment project in Botswana 0.9 MB
Falko Buschke Post-normal conservation science fills the space between research, policy and implementation 1.6 MB
Ecosystem guidelines for Savanna and Albany Thicket biomes
Belinda Clark Development of ecosystem guidelines for the Savanna and Albany Thicket biomes 3.4 MB
Common spatial data problems in biodiversity processing
Donovan Kirkwood Common spatial data problems in biodiversity processing: the consequences and identifying, avoiding and dealing with them 1.6 MB
National data needs for biological invasions
Jasper Slingsby A near-real time satellite tool for monitoring and mapping ecological impacts in Fynbos 4.5 MB
David Le Maitre Global overview of spatial data needs for biological invasions 2.6 MB
Tsungai Zengeya Indicators of biological invasions and risk analyses data 0.6 MB
Andrew Wannenburgh Natural Resource Management (NRM) data needs for prioritisation and control of invasives 2.8 MB
Tenda Munyai Current status of biological invasions data 1.0 MB
Heather Terrapon Invasives database 1.7 MB