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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2012

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The 2012 Biodiversity Planning Forum was co-hosted by DEA, SANBI and SANParks and took place at Kruger National Park from 22 - 25 May 2012.

The 2012 Forum focussed on the following:

  • Mining and biodiversity which stimulated discussion on how we can move towards a more strategic approach to integrating biodiversity issues into mining and ensure a more sustainable future.
  • Mapping ecological infrastructure for ecosystem services which started to identify the key knowledge gaps and devise a strategic way forward for addressing these through both new projects and an alignment with existing projects.
  • Invasive alien species management which resulted in productive discussion of strategic issues for more effective planning and management of invasive alien species, especially those that impact ecosystem service delivery to society.
  • Climate change adaptation and biodiversity planning where examples showing some of the current thinking, approaches and methodologies used in incorporating climate change adaptation into biodiversity planning were discussed.
For further information on the National Biodiversity Planning Forum and the key themes discussed at the 2012 Forum please click here.

Please click here for the 2012 Biodiversity Planning Forum programme and click on the links below to access the presentations.

Kristal Maze 9th National Biodiversity Planning Forum Objectives and programme 2.9 MB
John Donaldson Ecology of Ecosystem Services 1.9 MB
Eureta Rosenberg Green Matter - Building Capacity in High Level Biodiversity Skills 0.5 MB
Kristal Maze Making the Case for Biodiversity 5.4 MB
Hector Magome Managing SANParks 0.4 MB
New National Biodiversity Plans and Assessments
Fahiema Daniels National Biodiversity Assessment 2011: Top Twelve Highlights 6.6 MB
Jeanne Nel National Freshwater Ecosystem Priority Areas N/A
Chantel Petersen National Biodiversity Assessment and Estuary Biodiversity Plan: key products and uses 2.1 MB
Linda Harris The South African National Sandy Beach Conservation Plan 3.6 MB
Mining and Biodiversity
Jeff Manuel From fruit salad to priority areas: the identification of biodiversity priority areas sensitive to mining impacts and development of associated guidelines 5.8 MB
Mari Roleen la Grange The rate and projected impact of development, with emphasis on mining, on the biodiversity in the Mpumalanga province, South Africa 1.0 MB
Kirsten Oliver Mining and prospecting in South Africa: Creating maps as tools for more effective decision making 2.7 MB
Mark Botha Approach to developing a composite offset for the Vele colliery 1.6 MB
Patti Wickens Integrating biodiversity considerations across the mining lifecycle 1.4 MB
Invasive Alien Species Management
Theressa Frantz Invasive Alien Species Management - Introduction to the session 0.1 MB
David Le Maitre The economic consequences of the environmental impacts of alien plant invasions in South Africa 4.4 MB
Brian van Wilgen Working for Water sixteen years on - assessments of value and progress 1.6 MB
Philip Ivey Lessons from the state of Victoria, Australia 2.9 MB
Andrew Wannenburgh The prioritisation of invasive alien plant control projects using a multi-criteria decision model informed by stakeholder input and spatial data 3.2 MB
Tools for Conserving Threatened Species
Ernst Swartz Delineating sanctuaries as a tool for conserving threatened freshwater fish 1.6 MB
Pat Holmes Urbanization in a biodiversity hotspot: species conservation in Cape Town 2.3 MB
Adrian Armstrong Including Animal Species Distribution Models in the C-Plan for KwaZulu-Natal: Two Examples and More Lessons Learnt 3.0 MB
Michèle Pfab Listing of species as threatened or protected in terms of NEMBA: implications for biodiversity planning 1.4 MB
Ernst Retief The Contribution of the Important Bird Areas Programme to Conservation Planning in South Africa 4.8 MB
Domitilla Raimondo Guidelines for including species of conservation concern in the Environmental Assessment process 2.0 MB
Taking stock of our protected area estate
Rudi Pretorius National register of protected areas 3.0 MB
Rudi Pretorius Taking stock of our protected area estate Part II 2.1 MB
Detailing technical requirements for SBP
Jeff Manuel Detailing technical requirements for systematic biodiversity planning 2.0 MB
Mapping ecological infrastructure for ecosystem services
Tracey Cumming Ecological infrastructure and Ecosystem Services: An introductory overview 0.5 MB
Patrick O'Farrell Mapping ecological infrastructure - for conservation and restoration action 1.7 MB
Nadia Sitas Opportunities and challenges for mainstreaming ecosystem services at a local level 2.6 MB
Jeanne Nel Freshwater ecosystem service mapping: Concepts and examples from South Africa 2.0 MB
Ashton Maherry South Africa's water supply areas: Development of NFEPA High Water Yield Areas and future refinement needs 4.4 MB
Mark Botha Relooking at high water yield regions in SA 2.8 MB
Monitoring Ecosystems
Heather Terrapon Biodiversity Monitoring at SANBI Where we at and where are we going? 2.9 MB
Kerry Maree How are our Critical Biodiversity Areas doing? 0.6 MB
Genevieve Pence Using biodiversity planning products to measure conservation success: GreenChoice's Monitoring and Evaluation Project 3.7 MB
Ecosystem Services Applications
Steve McKean The Value of Environmental Goods and Services in KZN 3.2 MB
Johane Dikgang The economic valuation of dryland ecosystem services in the South African Kgalagadi area and implications for PES involving the Khomani San 0.9 MB
Bruce Page Planning and Management Failures in Mitigating Impacts on Riparian Systems. A Case Study from the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area 2.4 MB
Rethabile Motloung Are bioclimatic niche models useful in predicting invasions? 0.6 MB
Provincial and Local Planning Initiatives and Products
Boyd Escott The KZN 2012 Critical Biodiversity Areas Map 1.3 MB
Lizanne Nel Limpopo Preliminary Biodiversity Conservation Plan 2.9 MB
Technical Innovations in Biodiversity Planning
Donovan Kirkwood Conservation Development Frameworks - Reserve Sensitivity Analysis and Zonation Process CapeNature's simplified approach 4.5 MB
Robert Smith Investigating the impact of size and spacing constraints on Marine Protected Areas network design 2.3 MB
Louise Fourie An analysis of landscape connectivity of the Grassland Biome in Mpumalanga using graph theory 1.0 MB
Mervyn Lötter Forest Processes: Identifying important forest patches that ensure a functionality connected forest network 4.6 MB
Kristian Metcalfe Investigating the impacts of data quality on the species-area relationship approach for setting habitat targets in systematic conservation planning: An example from the English Channel 3.4 MB
Information Accessibility and Sharing
Sediqa Khatieb Biodiversity GIS's new mapping system 1.8 MB
Climate Change Adaptation
Vhalinavho Khavhagali Biodiversity and Climate Change: Policy Framework for Response and Vulnerability Assessment Report 0.3 MB
Philip Desmet How to incorporate spatially and temporarily dynamic biodiversity information into a MARXAN analysis 5.8 MB
Patricia Holmes Incorporating climate change adaptation strategies into the Biodiversity Network analysis for the City of Cape Town 4.3 MB
Implementation of Biodiversity Plans
Abigail Kamineth Misalignment in conservation planning products with reference to forest classification in Nelson Mandela Bay 2.3 MB
Fahiema Daniels Monitoring clearing of virgin veld in the Sandveld area and its implications for implementation 4.5 MB