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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2014

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The 11th Annual National Biodiversity Planning Forum, hosted by SANBI, was held from the 13th to the 16th of May at Mpekweni Beach Resort in the Eastern Cape. This year’s event was exceedingly well attended, boasting over 200 participants who included biodiversity planners and implementers from national and provincial government, provincial conservation agencies, municipalities, SANBI, SANParks, universities, research institutes, NGOs and consultants. Interns and students were also well represented, with close to 50 Groen Sebenza interns in attendance.Some of the main thematic areas at this year’s Forum included:
  • Mapping ecological infrastructure to inform policy and decision-making
  • New regulations for invasive species: exploring implications and opportunities linked to spatial data and planning
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SAE) for the expansion of Electricity Grid Infrastructure (SIP 10)
  • Update on the National Biodiversity Assessment 2017 and National Ecosystem Classification System
  • National and provincial biodiversity planning initiatives and processes
  • Web-based tools and mobile applications

For more information on the 2014 Biodiversity Planning Forum click here. Please click here for the 2015 Biodiversity Planning Forum programme and click on the links below to access the presentations.

Opening session
Kristal Maze Welcome, introduction and Forum objectives 1.5 MB
Robert Smith Putting Key Biodiversity Areas in a systematic conservation planning context 1.6 MB
Sunday Ogunronbi The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) 2.3 MB
National highlights, new projects and updates
Tammy Smith Biodiversity planning highlights for 2013-14 1.1 MB
Selwyn Willoughby Beyond data: innovation in biodiversity informatics 0.7 MB
Norma Malatji and Kensani Mangena An update of the Municipal Biodiversity Summaries project 1.0 MB
Phillip Ivey Invasive species: new regulations, new era? Opportunities and obligations for biodiversity planner 1.1 MB
Heather Terrapon SANBI's draft National Biodiversity Monitoring Framework N/A
Yamkela Mngxe Towards the development of the South African National Environmental Management of the Ocean 0.6 MB
Mapping ecological infrastructure to inform policy and decision-making
Many Driver Overview of the concept of ecological infrastructure and its uptake 1.1 MB
Jeanne Nel Project for Ecosystem Services: mapping ecological infrastructure at multiple scales 1.5 MB
Janis Smith South Africa's Strategic Water Source Areas: supply, demand and utility 1.1 MB
Fahiema Daniels Using spatial data as a tool for prioritising investment in natural resource management 0.5 MB
Catherine Pringle Prioritising ecological infrastructure to maintain livelihoods and water security in Lesotho 1.0 MB
Stephen Holness Mapping ecological infrastructure in the Mzimvubu catchment 3.1 MB
Leo Quayle Ecosystem services mapping in the Uthukel District Municipality: a significant step towards integrated Natural Resource Management 0.5 MB
Thozamile Yapi Mapping food and livelihood security in communal areas: invasive alien species impacts on grazing services 1.2 MB
Nabeel Rylands Operationalising risk maps through using integrated biophysical and participatory mapping approaches N/A
Kirsten Oliver Duzi-uMngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT): utilizing human capacity building tools for assessing, mapping and managing the ecological infrastructure of the uMngeni catchment 1.0 MB
Maretha Alant Landscape-scale ecological functionality of the Knysna Buffer Zone, Garden Route National Park 1.9 MB
Ruan Veldtman Honeybee forage resources important for pollination services 1.4 MB
New regulations for invasive species: exploring implications and opportunities linked to spatial data planning
Siyasanga Miza Marine alien and invasive species 1.4 MB
Dan'sile Cindi An assessment of the invasive status of Berberis L. in South Africa and potential control methods 1.0 MB
Bongani Mashele Assessing the invasiveness and potential for eradication for Pueraria montana var. lobata in South Africa 1.3 MB
Ntombifuthi Mthimkhulu Lilium formosanum: SANBI's contribution to containing its spread in KwaZulu-Natal 0.9 MB
Ernita van Wyk Management of the invasive cord grass, Spartina alterniflora, in the Groot Brak Estuary: challenges and progress 1.5 MB
David Le Maitre An overview of the impacts of invasive plant species on water resources and river systems in South Africa 1.8 MB
Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs): work session on the development of a constraints framework for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the expansion of Electricity Grid Infrastructure (SIP 10)
Marshall Mabin Background and introduction to this SEA 2.6 MB
Marshall Mabin Methodology of the SEA, compared with other Electricity Grid Infrastructure SEAs 2.6 MB
Fahiema Daniels Review of draft constraints framework 3.3 MB
Update of National Biodiversity Assessment 2017 and the National Ecosystem Classification System
John Donaldson Introduction to session: update on the National Biodiversity Assessment 2017 and progress with the National Ecosystem Classification System 0.5 MB
Les Powrie Developments with the National Vegetation Map, Database and National Ecosystem Classification System 2.2 MB
Linda Harris Mapping coastal systems: lessons learnt from zipping together the land and sea 1.4 MB
Namhla Mbona Update on the National Wetland Inventory 1.6 MB
Benjamin Walton Environmental impact regulation efficacy and the cost of colloquial vegetation nomenclature of forest/thicket and its effect on decision-making N/A
Protected Areas
Sibongile Mampe Update on the Protected Area Register 0.7 MB
Tracry Cumming The case for biodiversity stewardship and private protected areas 0.4 MB
Tsamaelo Malebu Identifying Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in South Africa 0.8 MB
Lize von Staden Protected area expansion priorities for threatened plants in South Africa 0.6 MB
Philip Desmet Making the case for Protected Areas in Limpopo 0.9 MB
Izak van der Merwe The role of the National Forests Act of 1998 and preceding acts in the establishment of forest protected areas 1.4 MB
Tendamudzimu Munyai Status of biosphere reserves in South Africa 0.8 MB
Wetland Offsets Guiidelines workshop
Jeffrey Manuel National Biodiversity Offsets Framework 0.5 MB
Stephen Holness Wetland offsets concepts, approach and principles: a best-practice guideline for South Africa 0.8 MB
Stephen Holness Introduction to the Wetland Offsets Guidelines 1.8 MB
National and provincial biodiversity planning initiatives and processes
Fahiema Daniels Technical requirements for developing a bioregional plan 0.4 MB
Genevieve Pence Hitting the target and missing the point 0.9 MB
Smiso Bhengu Habitat modification analysis 0.5 MB
Mandy Driver Update on marine biodiversity planning 0.1 MB
Vincent Egan Biodiversity planning in Limpopo 0.8 MB
Nacelle Collins The Free State Provincial Biodiversity Plan: progress report 4.0 MB
Mervyn Lötter Incorporating climate change and connectivity into the Mpumalanga Biodiversity Sector Plan (MBSP) 0.9 MB
Kerry Maree When best available science is no longer good enough: the lifespan of a systematic biodiversity plan 0.8 MB
Felicity Elliot KZN Biodiversity Spatial Planning Terms and Processes document and biodiversity sector plans 0.6 MB
Sagwata Manyike Bioregional Plan Toolkit 0.5 MB
Implementing biodiversity plans: case studies, lessons and challenges
Mellisa Naiker UPDATE! Mainsatreaming Biodiversity into Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs): How well is the Western Cape doing? 1.2 MB
Clyde Lamberts The implications of a new planning legislative framework for biodiversity planning in the Western Cape 0.4 MB
Boyd Escott How to interpret and integrate biodiversity plans in today's spatial planning imbroglio 0.5 MB
Dominic Wieners Conservations Plans: Do we have too many? An implementation perspective 0.5 MB
Julia Wood Facilitating sustainable property development and human settlements whilst promoting conservation in the City of Cape Town 2.1 MB
Willeen Olivier Introducing the "Minimum reqiurements for integrating biodiversity considerations into land-use planning and integrated environmental management" 0.7 MB
Potlako Khati 1.2 MB
Web-based tools and mobile applications
Sediga Khatieb Extreme makeover: the LUDS edition 1.3 MB
Martin Cocks Biodiversity GIS Land Use Decision Support (LUDS) tool: a semantic web-based tool for environmental and biodiversity planning in South Africa 1.2 MB
Mervyn Lötter Developing web-based and mobile applications to implement the Mpumalanga Biodiversity Sector Plan 1.6 MB
Namhla Mbona Using ESRI mobile application to improve mapping in the Mpumalanga province 0.9 MB
Prideel Malledt SeaKeys: unlocking foundational marine biodiversity knowledge 1.8 MB
Les Powrie From paper to cloud: elevating text from specimens and field notes to the web 2.1 MB
Toney Rebelo iSpot developments 3.1 MB
Russel Galt Enabling evidence-based policy making in Africa 1.2 MB