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Biodiversity Planning Forum 2016

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SANBI hosted the 13th annual Biodiversity Planning Forum in Wilderness (Link on Wordpress Biodiversity Advisor not available - review), Western Cape form 7 – 10 June 2016. The theme for the Forum was foundations for biodiversity assessments and focused on the foundational information on which biodiversity assessments and plans are based, including data limitations and potential solutions, research needs and novel approaches. Key sessions discussed the uptake of spatial data into environmental assessment initiatives including the SIPs, implementing biodiversity plans at the municipal level, assessing and mapping ecological condition and the IPBES Africa Assessment. With over 190 participants the Forum provided an excellent opportunity to network and build the biodiversity planning community of practice in South Africa

SANBI, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme – World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), launched a book entitled Mapping Biodiversity Priorities (Add NBIS link for planning-and-assessment/mapping-biodiversity-priorities/ equivalent on Wordpress Biodiversity Advisor): A practical, science-based approach to national biodiversity assessment and prioritisation to inform strategy and action planning. The book summarises the essential components of South Africa’s well-established approach for systematic biodiversity planning. It was launched by Mr John Tayleur, representing UNEP–WCMC, and SANBI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tanya Abrahamse, on 7 June 2016 at the National Biodiversity Planning Forum.

The Lexicon of Biodiversity Planning in South Africa (Add NBIS link for planning-and-assessment/lexicon-of-biodiversity-planning-in-south-africa/ equivalent on Wordpress Biodiversity Advisor) was also distributed to Forum participants. The purpose of the Lexicon is to provide standard definitions of key concepts and frequently used terms in systematic biodiversity planning in South Africa, to ensure clear understanding, consistency and credibility.

Please click here for the 2016 Biodiversity Planning Forum programme.

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Welcome and opening session
Fahiema Daniels and Tammy Smith Purpose of the Forum 0.8 MB
Emma Archer van Garderen The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Africa Assessment: an overview 0.8 MB
Strengthening spatial biodiversity assessment and planning
Andrew Skowno Three ways to strengthen the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 0.8 MB
Mandy Driver Mapping Biodiversity Priorities: a practical, science based approach to national biodiversity assessment and prioritisation 1.3 MB
Uptake of spatial information into environmental assessment initiatives
Peter Lukey Effective Environment Improvement Intervention (2E2I) System 0.7 MB
Kate Snaddon SKA Phase 1 Strategic Environmental Assessment 4.4 MB
Tsamaelo Malebu Using Least Cost Path analysis for potential routing powerlines within electricity corridors identified in the Electricity Grid Infrastructure Strategic Environmental Assessment 1.0 MB
Stephen Holness Shale Gas Strategic Environmental Assessment: a systematic spatial approach to SEAs 0.9 MB
Theresa Sethusa The Karoo BioGaps Project 0.8 MB
Genevieve Pence Lessons from the biodiversity component of the Sandveld Environmental Management Framework 1.2 MB
Nicolene Fourie Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Tool: sensitivity themes for reporting 1.5 MB
Pamela Kershaw Developing Minimum Requirements for Biodiversity in Environmental Impact Assessments 0.8 MB
Norma Malatji Biodiversity offsets: losses and (potential) gains 0.5 MB
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Africa Assessment
John Tayleur Update on the IPBES global assessment process from UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP WCMC) 1.1 MB
Benis Egoh IPBES Africa Assessment: Chapter 3 1.3 MB
Michele Walters Discussion on the IPBES Africa Assessment 0.5 MB
Applying spatial data for the management of ecological infrastructure
Jeanne Nel Delineating and updating South Africa's Strategic Water Source Areas 1.4 MB
Piet-Louis Grundling Biodiversity assessment in determining wetland conservation priorities: a catchment approach 1.9 MB
Smiso Bhengu The extent at which ecosystem services align with biodiversity planning tools: the case of uMngeni catchment 0.7 MB
John Dini Identifying priority ecological infrastructure to enhance water security in the uMngeni River catchment 0.9 MB
Kedibone Lamula Refining the Land User Incentive (LUI) Spatial Framework 0.9 MB
Provincial biodiversity planning updates and technical advances
Tammy Smith Overview of provincial biodiversity planning in South Africa 1.0 MB
Greer Hawley The review of the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 0.6 MB
Genevieve Pence The Western Cape's 2016 Spatial Biodiversity Plan 1.3 MB
Ray Schaller The 2015 North West Biodiversity Sector Plan 1.0 MB
Nacelle Collins Report back on progress of the Free State Provincial Biodiversity Plan 4.0 MB
Enrico Oosthuysen The Northern Cape Critical Biodiversity Area Map 1.5 MB
Mervyn Lötter Spatial assessment for the revised Mpumalanga Biodiversity Expansion Strategy 1.8 MB
Assessing and mapping ecological condition
Mandy Driver Assessing and mapping ecological condition session introduction 0.8 MB
Jeanne Nel Accounting for ecological condition: experience and proposed way forward 0.8 MB
Kaylee Smit Marine ecosystem condition in South Africa: current status and future prospects 0.7 MB
Lara van Niekerk National assessment of the ecological condition of South Africa's estuaries 1.2 MB
Nacelle Collins Freshwater component of the Free State Biodiversity Plan: condition assessment of wetlands, an envisaged approach 5.0 MB
Smiso Bhengu Habitat modification analysis of the National Land Cover map 0.7 MB
Jasper Slingsby The potential of remote sensing tools for ecological condition assessment and monitoring 13.8 MB
Philip Desmet The landscape ecological impacts of game breeding in South Africa: mapping the rate of change in game fence density at two sites in Limpopo province from 2006 - 2015 1.7 MB
Implementing biodiversity plans: challenges and opportunities - local and provincial experiences
Mervyn Lötter Development of bioregional plans in Mpumalanga province 1.3 MB
Julia Wood Biodiversity targets in the City of Cape Town 0.6 MB
Alana Duffel-Canham When role-players play (nicely) together: can we facilitate development and meet biodiversity targets at the same time? 0.6 MB
Dominic Wieners The changing landscape for biodiversity planning implementation: are EIAs nearing their conclusion and if so where to next? 0.6 MB
Boyd Escott The changing landscape for biodiversity planning feedback on initiatives and challenges 1.7 MB
Rhett Smart Mainstreaming spatial biodiversity plans in the Western Cape: progress to date and the way forward 1.0 MB
Clifford Dorse Implementing a fine-scale biodiversity plan in a metropolitan area 1.8 MB
Marine spatial planning in South Africa: legislation, science, and who's doing what?
Amanda Lombard Introduction to the marine spatial planning session and its objectives 0.7 MB
Louis Celliers MSP, ICM, ABM, and EBM: the alphabet of confusion? 1.5 MB
Adnan Awad Marine spatial planning: capacity and support for implementation 1.6 MB
Hannah Raven Spatial patterns and characterization of benthic epifaunal biodiversity in Algoa Bay 1.2 MB
Jodie Reed Ecosystem services valuation and ecosystem accounting techniques for marine systems in South Africa 1.0 MB
Nokuthula Daweti Deep water benthic fish communities of the KwaZulu-Natal shelf, assessed using BRUV systems 0.6 MB
Summer Newton The development of a cetacean identikit to inform marine spatial planning in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1.2 MB
Tsamaelo Malebu Using systematic biodiversity planning principles to identify and map Key Fishing Areas within South Africa's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 0.6 MB
Gwenith Penry Investigating the South African Bryde's whale Balaenoptera edeni 1.6 MB
Implementing biodiversity plans: challenges and opportunities National perspectives and lessons
Sagwata Manyike Lessons learned from bioregional plans 0.8 MB
Dirk Cilliers Implementing bioregional plans: lessons learned from environmental management frameworks (EMFs) 0.7 MB
Chuma Chinzila-Mutinta Bridging theory and practice: learning from 13 years of conservation planning in South Africa 0.7 MB
Khumbelo Makhuyha Assessing the integration of biodiversity priorities in local and land-use planning using international and local case studies 0.3 MB
Sam Lloyd The role of social dynamics in the implementation of systematic conservation planning in South Africa
Lizanne Nel The biodiversity economy and biodiversity planning challenges and opportunities 1.5 MB
The freshwater component of the National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA)
Namhla Mbona Data audit for the wetlands map and mapping prioritization 1.2 MB
Nacelle Collins Freshwater component of the Free State Biodiversity Plan: results and implications for the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 5.1 MB
Nacelle Collins A quantitative approach towards demonstrating the regional setting (Level 2) of wetlands: a Free State example 5.1 MB
Genevieve Pence Guided by Water: incorporating landcover-derived wetlands into the Western Cape Biodiversity Sector Plan 1.0 MB
Applied wetland delineation in production landscapes
Richard Lechmere-Oertel Applied wetland delineation in production landscapes 2.0 MB
Technical advances in national assessments and planning
Stephen Holness The National Protected Areas Expansion Strategy 2016 1.5 MB
Maphale Matlala The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems: how does it compare to South Africa's approach to listing threatened ecosystems? 0.9 MB
Anisha Dayaram Testing the foundations: using available species data to test and possibly strengthen the VEGMAP 1.7 MB
Jeffrey Manuel Development of a National Biodiversity Information System 0.5 MB
Spatial data and information systems related to biodiversity assessments and planning
Sediga Khatieb BGIS: revamped and reloaded 1.7 MB
Gert Conradie Metadata management for the new BGIS website 1.0 MB
Rukaya Johaadien Showcase of the Bird and Bat Environmental Impact Assessment tool N/A
Heather Terrapon GIS data collaboration and standards for the National Biodiversity Assessment 0.5 MB
National Status Report on Biological Invasions
Sebataolo Rahlao Introduction to the session and the National Status Report 1.3 MB
Tsungai Zengeya Report back from the 43 Annual Research Symposium on the Management of Biological Invasions 0.6 MB
Stiaan Kotze Invasive species monitoring, control and eradication plans for organs of state and management authorities of protected areas: regulations, guidelines and compliance 0.8 MB
David Le Maitre Participatory, local-level planning of invasive plant species management to protect biodiversity and secure ecosystem services 1.7 MB
Nicholas Cole SANParks strategy for invasive Alien Plants: towards the status report 0.8 MB