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2019 BIMF-FBIP Presentations

Presentations and resources shared over the three days can be accessed in the table below:

Keynote addresses
Urszula Rust The 2019 Science, Technology and Innovation White Paper 1.0 MB
Kiruben Naikcer The IPBES Global Assessment is overwhelming! Can we have too much Information and not enough data to spark action? 4.6 MB
Open data for open science
Fatima Parker-Allie The Global Biodiversity Information Facility: A mega-science initiative coordinating biodiversity informatics through an open resource infrastructure 3.3 MB
Lawrence Monda and Anne-Lise Fourie Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL): A source of big data and analysis 21.6 MB
Peter Lukey Open data for the public good 11.3 MB
Hermann Staude Building a database of Lepidoptera–host–parasitoid associations recorded for the Afrotropical region 22.3 MB
Sandi-Willows Munro Is South Africa ready for meta-barcoding? 6.7 MB
Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) - linking funding priorities with national projects and initiatives
Lita Pauw FBIP: an overview of the programme funding approach, update of grants awarded and capacity development strategies 36.2 MB
Mahlatse Kgatla An update on Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP) generated data 10.1 MB
Michael Cherry Informal forest product harvesting and avian diversity in the Eastern Cape 13.0 MB
Domitilla Raimondo BioGaps: filling biodiversity information gaps to support development decision making in the Karoo 20.7 MB
Lain Vargas Snapshot Safari: progress to date and future directions 164.6 MB
Riana Jacobs Soil Fusarium survey in the Great Karoo biome of South Africa 6.3 MB
Shaun Deyzel Developing an operational framework for unlocking coastal plankton biodiversity information: progress, challenges and the ambitious march towards an informed future 7.8 MB
Regional Biodiversity Information Efforts - Opportunities and Challenges
Susan Veldsman The African Open Science Platform (AOSP): fostering a culture of open data within African National Systems of Innovation 2.4 MB
Matthew Child Lessons learned from stimulating biodiversity informatics networks through the African Biodiversity Challenge 30.3 MB
Donald Mpalika Enhancing the accessibility of biodiversity data in Malawi through partnerships and biodiversity information management tools 5.2 MB
Raymond Owusu-Achiaw Enhancing biodiversity data mobilisation, management and utilisation in off reserve areas in Ghana: using CREMAs as a model 6.7 MB
Plenary Sessions
Saarenmaa Hannu Trends and innovations in biodiversity data capture and data management, and supporting video 10.2MB; 104.3 MB
Fatima Parker-Allie SANBI-GBIF, data sharing and growing institutional partnerships N/A
Brenda Daly Information systems and architecture (SANBI update session) 8.7 MB
Ian Engelbrecht Natural Science Collections Facility: data initiatives and progress 10.0 MB
Parallel Session 1
Brenda Daly Community engagement to contribute to collection data management services of the National Biodiversity Information System (NBIS) 1.4 MB
Developing our biodiversity informatics science and human capital
Fatima Parker-Allie Developing our biodiversity informatics science through curriculum and other initiatives N/A
Wentzel Pretorius and Maano Tshimang Youth Environmental Service (YES) Programme: empowering today’s youth in the Northwest Province 404.2 MB
Microbial Diversity
Cobus Visagie Updating the taxonomy of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Talaromyces in South Africa N/A
Mathew Haris Fungal biogeography and the use of publicly available data for answering biogeographic questions 20.7 MB
Modjadji Makwela Mycorrhizal diversity associated with endemic and endangered South African orchids of the genus, Habenaria 28.6 MB
Juanita Avontuur Genome-informed Bradyrhizobium taxonomy: where to from here? 7.5 MB
Chrizelle Beukes Both alpha- and beta-rhizobia occupy the root nodules of Vachellia karroo in South Africa 2.5 MB
Aiden Visage Isolation and identification of Penicillium species with potential phosphate solubilization activity from agricultural environments 7.0 MB
Jodene Foster Characterization of bacterial species in Steinkopf a communal farming area in South Africa: a closer look at pathogenesis 11.2 MB
Speed presentations - Taxonomy, systematics and DNA barcoding
Sinethemba Ntshangase An assessment of the anatomical and genetic diversity of Themeda triandra Forssk 0.7 MB
Vimbai Siziba Predator–prey networks: using DNA barcodes to check what was for dinner 1.3 MB
Dorcas Olaniyan A taxonomic review of Englerodaphne Gilg. (Thymelaeaceae:Thymelaeiodeae). 10.9 MB
Khanyisile Shabangu A systematic study of the southern African endemic genus Sisyranthus N/A
Solange Akimana Systematics of southern African Anthemideae (Asteraceae): generic and subtribal relationships of Athanasiinae and Phymasperminae, and the placement of Inulanthera 7.0 MB
Manda Kambikambi Evaluation of the nomenclatural status of the synonyms of Enteromius anoplus (Weber, 1987) (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) 28.7 MB
Thembile Khoza Contributing towards resolving taxonomic issues on South African Arachnida fauna. 8.0 MB
Innovative tools and applications to support research and development
Saarenmaa Hanna Conveyor-driven mass digitisation of herbarium sheets and pinned insects – properties and performance, and supporting video 7.0 MB; 347.2 MB
Fhatani Ranwashe and Marianne Le Roux The e-Flora of South Africa – restructuring data to comply with Darwin Core standards for inclusion into the World Flora Online 3.3 MB
Hana Peterson Historical and repeat photographs as a source of qualitative and quantitative biodiversity information 21.2 MB
Kalei Alkalei Developing fixed-point photography methodologies for assessing post-fire mountain fynbos vegetation succession as a tool for biodiversity management 75.8 MB
Wentzel Pretorius The utilization of passive acoustic monitoring as a tool to determine anuran diversity in north-eastern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 12.4 MB
Changes in the diversity and composition of arthropods and ants
Sinenhlahla Mntambo Diversity and composition of ants and spiders along an increasing gradient of invasion by Chromolaena odorata at Buffelsdraai Landfill Conservancy, KwaZulu-Natal N/A
Caroline Kunene What structures ant communities along the Udzungwa mountains: species turnover or richness differences N/A
Nokubonga Thabete Trade-offs: mechanisms that facilitate coexistence in the grassland ant communities N/A
Lindiwe Khoza Does soil acidity play a role in determining ant species diversity and composition in a mistbelt grassland of KwaZulu-Natal? N/A
Concilia Mukanga Are arthropod communities changing with changing land-use patterns in communal areas? N/A
Using foundational biodiversity information for addressing global change challenges
Albert Chakona DNA barcoding of freshwater fishes from southern Africa: assembling a reference library for topotypes to expedite species inventory 227.5 MB
Betsie Milne The branchiopod crustaceans of ephemeral wetlands in the Northern Cape 44.9 MB
Lindelani Makuya The distribution of the biodiversity-threatening alien invasive commensal species of Rattus and the environmental and socioeconomic factors that may influence their presence in urban Gauteng Province, South Africa 4.2 MB
Moleseng Moshobane Alien plant survey of the Haenertsburg village, Limpopo province, South Africa 23.5 MB
Sbo Xolo Biodiversity co-benefits through reforestation for carbon sequestration 8.3 MB
Monitoring and assessment of diversity in different habitats
Serge Mayombo Diatoms associated with two South African kelp species: Ecklonia maxima and Laminaria pallida 29.4 MB
Chloe Burt Assessing mammal diversity and the effectiveness of different methods for monitoring mammal diversity in diverse land tenures in a South African arid ecosystem 72.8 MB
Approaches to data generation for monitoring and assessment of biodiversity
Fortunate Phaka Taxonomic bias in foundational biodiversity data, research interests, extinction risk and cultural salience: A South African herpetofaunal perspective 5.1 MB
Thabo Hlatshwayo Roads and users as a threat to wildlife conservation: modelling amphibian roadkill in Vhembe biosphere reserve (Soutpansberg conservancy), South Africa 5.6 MB
Brilliant Mashao Creating a model for the prediction of roadkill Kruger National Park, South Africa 11.0 MB
Nasiphi Bitani Dispersal of invasive Lantana camara by native bird species in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1.7 MB
Adriaan Grobler Dune fynbos–thicket vegetation of the Cape coast: proposing an updated and unified treatment 71.0 MB
Pfani Ramulifho The influence of flow and temperature on mayfly (Ephemeroptera, Insecta) community structures in the Luvuvhu River catchment 48.8 MB
Preshnee Singh Highlights from the Global Environmental Change Programme of the Durban Research Action Partnership N/A
Working Session
Matthew Child Africa Biodiversity Challenge Project N/A
Theresa Sethusa and Monica Mwale The South African node of the International Barcode of Life (SAIBOL). Discussion on activities and structures for the node. N/A
Training Sessions and Workshops
North West University and SANBI Team including: Fhatani Ranwashe and Mahlatse Kgatla SANBI-GBIF Data Management / Fitness for use of data training N/A
Michelle Hamer FBIP Proposal Writing Workshop N/A
Michelle van der Bank and Ronny Kabongo BOLD Training Workshop N/A