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An online platform for African wetland and waterbird data

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Release versions

Regular programming conventions are used to record versioning for the BIRDIE platform, with the "major.minor.patch" system. Fixes and patches increase the last digit (e.g., v1.0.1). New features and database updates increase the minor version (second digit, e.g., v1.1.0). Reworks of the website and major changes that affect analyses or existing functionality importantly increase the major version (first digit, e.g., v2.0.0).

Please cite the release version appropriately when you utilise the BIRDIE platform, and check back regularly for release updates!

Release version 1.0.0 (14 December 2023)
The differences between the Beta version and the official version 1.0.0 that was available from 14 December 2023 are too numerous to list. The primary improvements are:
  • - The platform now incorporates all data up to the end of 2022
  • - More help is available for users through i-buttons and other features

Release version beta
While some of the BIRDIE functionality was available earlier, the official Beta version of the BIRDIE platform was available on from July 2023. The Beta version did not yet contain all data and models, but was intended to showcase to users how the platform works and obtain feedback for improvement.